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10 Questions

Q: Am I looking for a "driver" or a "trailer queen"?
A: Decide what your purpose for the car would be. Trailer Queens are usually not driven and are strictly used for show and demand top dollar. There are several categories of drivers which range from a #3 -being an average car, ie: "20 footer" (looks good from 20') to a #1 (being the finest). A driver is a car that you can drive, enjoy and take to local car shows and still get a nice return on your investment.
Q: What is my price range?
A: Only you will know what you want to spend, keep in mind that nice, real cars never come cheap and we live in a society loaded with clones so be careful and make sure what you are buying is what you think it is.
Q: Do I want an original #s car or a clone?
A: Clones have grown in popularity because the cost of the originals have become so expensive that people are afraid to drive them. Clones are cars that look original, but are not born that way. If you are going to drive your car often, you might want to consider a clone.
Q: Is it frame off or frame on restoration?

A: Many people will tell you that a car is frame off restored when it is not. A frame off-rotisserie restoration is when the car comes completely apart, seperating the frame from the body and every nut & bolt is addressed. Frame on is when a car is simply kept together, painted and restored on the frame which limits the detail and the cost.

Q: Is it an investment car or is it for pleasure?
A: If you are strictly buying these cars for investment purposes only, you would want a numbers matching high end collectible with documentation. If your goal is to use the car for pleasure buying a real V-code, 6 pack cuda with a non numbers matching motor, for example, would be an excellent way to achieve a driver - investment car which would be more affordable.

Q: Do I need to get a third party inspection?
A: Inspecting a collector car is completely different than inspecting a late model car. There are many companies out there that claim they do pre-purchase inspections and don't know the first thing about a muscle car. Choose a inspector familar with the product you are buying.
Q: What is an original unrestored car?
A: A car that has never been restored or has never been completely restored. There are different levels of unrestored cars. Some low mileage examples can even come with original tires, which would be the most desirable type. Most have had mechanical work, some interior work and paint work. This does not make them a restored car. Prices of these cars can become quite high depending on the originality.
Q: What is a Restorods
A: A Restorod is an early model car such as a corvette, cuda, etc. that wears its original outer sheet metal but has a much more modern drive train. Usually it has 4 wheel disc brakes, more modern steering, and a more modern high performance motor. These cars are quite expensive to build and usually have a pretty hefty price tag, but do not appreicate as well as original muscle cars.
Q: How do I finance my new collector car?
A: Unlike years ago, there are many avenues for financing a collector car and it has become much easier today. There are several companies that specialize in antique and collector cars that have very competive rates and terms. One of the best ways to finance your car is with a home equity line of credit so the interest can be written off as your car appreciates.
Q: Do I purchase a car that needs restoration?
A: Purchasing a car in need of restoration has a very easy formula to follow. Get an estimate on the restoration, mutiply that by 2 and add 10%. This is not to steer people away from restoring cars because it is a wonderful hobby that I have been doing for 30 years in my own restoration shop, but you must beware that it is very expensive. Buying a car already done will not leave you with any unforeseen surprises like a restoration will.

Q: How do you work with local small business?

A: We proudly work with small business in the area. Just to mention a few would be Clearwater Reef Design, and Clearwater Nutrition

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