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About Us

Roy Badie Owner of R P Custom Auto Body, Inc.

We are a local family-owned business that has been in operation for over 40+ years. Owner, Roy Badie, has a history in drag racing and boat racing. R P Custom Auto Body, Inc. is known for meticulous care with restorations and custom paint jobs. The shop located in Largo, Florida is nothing less than impressive with many classic cars and collector items on the showroom floor. Many influential actors, wrestlers, and stuntmen have gone through R P Custom Auto Body, Inc. for various restorations and car sales.

As cool as the shop and services are there are other important matters to owner Roy Badie's heart. A local charity, 50 Legs has been hosted by Roy and his partners for many years now and is responsible for over 750 + prosthetic surgeries, mostly for children. If you want to help contribute please reach out for more information. 

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